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Dear CSA Members,

We are taking it week by week, working to bridge our farmers with you. New partnerships have emerged in the spirit of Community Shared Agriculture, with a special opportunity to feed the most food insecure among us, our urban poor.

To share the risk of each shipment to the metro, we are pledging to move over a ton of veg weekly, share that with you, with poor communities in North Caloocan and Payatas, and with community kitchens who will also cook to share. 

Community Shared Agriculture forgoes choice so that everyone may receive a diversity of produce and the farmers may also cultivate edible gardens instead of fuel/feed monocrops. With a lean team able to pack and ship, this is the most resource-efficient way to ensure food for all.

A Gulay Pambahay is a set of 9-12 kinds of produce, usually good for a family of 4-5.

A Small Tampipi holds about 6-8 varieties, good for a family of 2-3, or 1 if you eat primarily vegetables. 

You are welcome to add-on other items such as beans, grains and immunity-boosting ferments


Reminder: To make it to our weekly Thursday delivery, your payment must be processed by 6PM the Monday before. See our Delivery Guide & FAQs. All packs will be delivered in tampipi which are shared by all CSA members. Collections are weekly upon delivery of your farmshare, to be cycled for sanitation and reuse.

What Makes Our Produce Stand Out

We could tell you about our partnership with small holder farmers, their organic practice and the larger food system that the produce represents or you could taste it. The difference depends on what you're used to and what you've been exposed to. Many of the items taste more alive than supermarket ones (ie spinach, carrots, beets, korean radish, etc). Often we receive varieties that don't make it through mass-produced marketing channels or long travel (ie cherry tomatoes or saging bulkan) Whether it's the soil care or the shorter food miles or both, we like to believe you can experience collective health and hopefully taste it too.

What people say:

The Vegan Neighbors Philippines as a small enterprise selling organic, vegan and locally made soap and distributing vegan packed lunch made from organic produce was partly inspired by the concept of Community-Shared Agriculture which we saw concretely with Good Food Community. We first encountered GFC in 2017 and tried their weekly vegetable subscription. For TVN, the connection of rural and urban folks through food and other agro-ecologically produced products is very important. When we started in 2019, our aim was to weave narratives and create inter-connectedness between farming communities and empowered urban consumers that are also aware of the stories of the products they get from us and are agitated enough to support us not only because of the quality of our products but because of the advocacy we carry along with us. One of the groups we look up to is GFC.

As advocates of food systems change and the shift towards agroecology, we at TVN are very glad that GFC has paved the way for a model that has for years now worked and have benefitted many farming communities in the Philippines, and educated urban consumers about the politics of the food they eat. As a partner in Lingap Maralita, what we appreciate the most with GFC is the openness, the warmth and graciousness of its staff and the apparent awareness of the crises our society is facing, beyond COVID-19—the ones that are systemic and prolonged, such as the crisis of our food system. Along with other movements fighting for genuine land reform and farmers’ rights, we believe that GFC is a formidable partner towards social change.

- Terence L, TVN

I had only started subscribing to the Good Food Community CSA from March of this year. I'd heard about it much much earlier, and admired the concept, but kept forgetting to subscribe because I'd established a regular grocery habit which included my weekly fruits and vegetable supply. However, I got sick very early in March and went on self-imposed quarantine earlier than the lockdown implementation. Suddenly having fresh, organic gulay delivered to your door seemed heaven-sent. And it has saved me in this quarantine in many ways. Suddenly, I had access to fresher vegetables versus the quality I was seeing in the mobile palengke. My consumption supported farmers who couldn't get their produce to the city in the first weeks of the lockdown. I was subscribed to a system which suddenly made better sense--logistically, environmentally and socially-- especially in terms of how we produce, source and choose our food.
As I'd only been subscribed for a month, my biggest challenge has been cooking different meals weekly with very similar ingredients. But I have to say, the Good Food Community has been very helpful in providing recipes, and suggestions in a pinch. For me, I feel it also encourages me to be creative with what I have in my fridge at the moment. For example, last week's share had potatoes carrots and onions and I immediately thought of making Japanese curry. With some pantry and fridge staples, and the veggies from GF Community, I was able to make this Tofu Katsu Curry, which was damn good, if I do say so myself. Plus, I even added a bit of carrot and sayote kraut (also from GFC!) to substitute for the red pickled ginger side dish!

- Andrea T.