Grow a Culture of Sharing!

A call for action and solidarity with our farmers and urban poor communities

Together let’s keep our interconnected system of farmers, collaborators, and communities thriving—especially at this time of crisis.

How to Get Involved:

A small pledge goes a long way:

  • $ 0.5 to share a meal with one person
  • $ 5 to share meals with 10 people
  • $ 10 to share meals with 20 people
  • $ 20 to share meals with 40 people
  • How many would you like to feed?

     Our Farmers

    We depend on farmers for the food we eat everyday. Even so, our smallholder farmers and small-scale producers at the frontlines are in solidarity with the most food-insecure among us, the poor communities, at this time of crisis. We believe in taking action that shares this sense of solidarity. Our initiative directly sources fresh produce (vegetables, fruits) from our frontline farmers, who are working to supply this to the urban poor.

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